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Noah's Ark is a developmental program which provides opportunities for the child as a whole: socially, emotionally, spiritually, cognitively and physically. We believe that children learn through hands on involvement in experiences that are meaningful and interesting to them. 

We care about each child as a unique and special person. By creating an environment of respect and trust, children learn to value themselves and become aware of others feelings and needs. ​


As a Christian preschool and child care facility, our goal is to provide examples of our faith each day. We can offer your child security and support as we share in the richness of everyday living; the hurts, hopes, joys, needs and fulfillment in honest and open ways. 


Our curriculum is oriented to the child, in the belief that children learn best by doing, and that play is their work. Activities are planned to encourage positive self-esteem and to assist in the child's social, fine and gross motor, cognitive, and pre-reading and pre-math skills. Field trips and nature walks are also considered an important part of the educational program, and will be taken periodically.

Our program begins at 18months to 5 years old. In the summer we offer school age care as well. 

News from Noah's Ark:

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